The 5 Best Benefits of Ditching Diets For Good

The alternative to dieting and struggling with food and your body is not giving up. There is another way. Intuitive eating helps you let go of the guilt and shame around food and your body and the benefits are transformational!

Are You Hungry?

“We live in a world that labels the body as an enemy to be controlled, instead of our very best friend that deserves care and respect…Hunger is one of the body’s most primal and fundamental needs and honoring it and responding to it is simply an act of basic self-care. .”

Intro to Intuitive Eating

I have been teaching from a non-diet, weight-inclusive point of view for a long time, but discovered through learning more about intuitive eating and becoming certified as an Intuitive Eating Counselor that I’m not the only health care practitioner who teaches from this same point of view. Not only are there many dietitians and therapists…