Quick Intuitive Eating Assessment

Anna Jones, RD.

Take this quiz to get a sense of whether or not you’re an intuitive eater. Whatever your score, it is not cause for concern or worry. This is simply an assessment to see where you are now – no judgement! Consider that your responses merely indicate how much you might need this Intuitive Eating program. Imagine how you will feel when you are genuinely able to change your responses – being free from food and body anxiety, with self-confidence and inner trust of your body’s innate wisdom.

The following is an adaptation of the Intuitive Eating Scale – 2 developed by Tracy Tylka, a psychologist and researcher, and her team at the Ohio State University to objectively measure intuitive eating.

Quick Intuitive Eating Assessment

Are You an Intuitive Eater?

I'll provide you a score to let you know how intuitively you eat based on your responses. 

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