Diet Rebel’s Book Club

With Anna Jones, RD.

Ever bought a book about health and wellness and instead of reading it it just sat and collected dust?

I hear this often from people who are interested in Intuitive Eating and exploring the non-diet approach. They buy the book, maybe the true original by Tribole and Resch – a wonderful resource by the creators of Intuitive Eating, they get a little way in but then somehow life gets in the way, and it doesn’t get finished.

If this is you too, you are not alone. Even with the very best of intentions it is so common for this to happen.

No matter how intrigued and ready we are to learn more and embrace these concepts, that after years of struggling with food finally make so much sense, we just can’t seem to make it past the first chapter.

This is why I’ve started my Diet Rebel’s Book Club!

The Diet Rebel’s Book Club is a small group led by me for people just like you who want to embrace and learn how to practically apply the concepts of Intuitive Eating and this non-diet perspective and learn how to care for yourself and let go of dieting and restriction.

It is a judgement-free place to come to learn and listen and share your own, and hear others’, experiences while you navigate this journey of letting go of diets and figuring out what to do instead.

It is an opportunity to be in community and walk alongside others who like you are interested in learning more about this different, more peaceful and rewarding, way of considering food and your body.

How it works…

I periodically choose one of the many wonderful non-diet books to read through and then meet once a month to discuss it in a small group. We will spend time talking about key points, answering questions that come up and discussing what it looks like to practically apply these non-diet concepts in real-life.

“Anna, Thank you for recommending the book More Than a Body: Your Body is an Instrument, Not an Ornament and for leading a life altering discussion on how we personally view our bodies. It helped me to more fully appreciate the multiple ways my body serves me on a daily basis. My body is my home and I am grateful for the miraculous gifts it has provided me: giving me the ability to birth a daughter and a son are the greatest examples, to everyday pleasures like hiking through the woods or riding my bike. Instead of being a critic of this body where I reside, I now view my body with gratitude and praise.”

What a group member, Mary, had to say about our last book choice.

**Special Bonus**: the author Alissa has offered a signed bookplate plus a Q & A session with her, exclusively for our group!

Our next reading adventure…

Unapologetic Eating by Alissa Rumsey
The next Diet Rebel’s Book Club choice, Unapologetic Eating, Make Peace with Food and Transform Your Life will be starting April 14th, 2022.

Reading this book and talking through it with a small group each month will give you the opportunity to:

  • explore your history with food and your body and question societal expectations
  • say goodbye to the constraints of dieting
  • begin to let go of food and body guilt and shame
  • reconnect with your body better understand your relationship with food
  • relearn how to nourish yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • make peace with food
  • improve your body image
  • trust your intuition
  • reclaim the space to eat and live unapologetically
  • heal and change your perception to build back trust with your body
  • use the reflection questions, prompts, and other helpful exercises to practically apply the concepts personally in your life

All the Details…

What to Expect

  • A live interactive small group, limited to 10 people.
  • We’ll take it just a couple of chapters at a time giving you plenty of time and space to read and think through these concepts that are a new way of thinking for so many
  • Support throughout with weekly email “thoughts for the week”
  • The author, Alissa, has offered a signed bookplate plus a Q & A session with her exclusively for our group! (Date to be decided.)


Zoom meet once a month for 8 months, every 2nd Thursday from 5:30 to 7:00(ish) starting April 14th


  • April 14th: Intro, Chapter 1 It’s Not About the Food, and Chapter 2 Your Brain on Diets
  • May 12th: Chapter 3 The Truth About Health, Nutrition, and Weight and Chapter 4 Diet Culture is Insidious
  • June 9th: Chapter 5 Exploring Your History with Food and Your Body and Chapter 6 Cultivating Awareness and Mindfulness
  • July 14th: Chapter 7 If Not Dieting, Then What? and Chapter 8 How to Honor Your Inner Wisdom
  • August 11th: Chapter 9 Moving from Scarcity to Abundance and Chapter 10 Self-Care and Sitting with It
  • September 8th: Chapter 11 The Power of Self-Compassion and Chapter 12 Honor and Respect Your Body
  • October 13th: Chapter 13 Redefining Your Relationship with Your Body and Chapter 14 Self-Exploration and Self-Discovery
  • November 10th: Chapter 15 Becoming Embodied and Chapter 16 Embracing Your Power and Wrap Up



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How to Sign Up

Just shoot me an email and let me know you are interested. Your payment and email to me saves your spot!

Only 10 spots available. We’re starting soon. Come join us!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be in community with others and learn about Intuitive Eating and finding peace around food and your body. If you have spent years, maybe even decades, trying to “fix” yourself and your body in order to fit into a mold or a socially acceptable ideal and are feeling like there has to be another way, this group is for you!