A New ‘Before and After’

Read one client’s story about how her perspective on food and her body have changed since discovering, working through, and putting into practice the principles of Intuitive Eating.

Food for Thought for the New Year

2022 has arrived! Here, some things to help you approach this time of year a little differently and to help you set goals and intentions that are more meaningful and lasting.

September is PCOS Awareness Month

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a commonly misunderstood condition that impacts millions of women. PCOS Awareness Month is an opportunity to build understanding and awareness around what is a complex medical condition. Here, empower yourself by learning what PCOS is, what causes it, what the symptoms are, how it is diagnosed. Plus, some suggestions on lifestyle habits to help manage symptoms.

The 5 Best Benefits of Ditching Diets For Good

The alternative to dieting and struggling with food and your body is not giving up. There is another way. Intuitive eating helps you let go of the guilt and shame around food and your body and the benefits are transformational!

Rethinking How We Talk About Body Size and Health Risk

Part 2 of my two-part series on weight stigma was in the Tallahassee Democrat in May and I realized I didn’t post it here. In this article I talk about anti-fat bias and weight stigma in medical research and media and the research and reporting around weight and COVID-19. You can see the article in…

Stop the Weight Hate

In case you missed my most recent blog post, you can check out a shortened version that ran in Tuesday’s Tallahassee Democrat. Stigma against body size is not helping improve health (tallahassee.com) Part 2 on COVID and Weight is up next. Stay tuned! Here is the full text… I hear the deeply emotional personal stories…