What People Have to Say About my Intuitive Eating Course…

Ann said…

Never too old to learn-
I wish I had found Anna Jones RD and Intuitive Eating years ago. Having been a dieter for the past 60 years or so, I enrolled in her class to learn more about nutrition and hopefully find the answer to my diet dilemmas. What I found was even better: I found freedom from dietary restrictions without feeling I was cheating. I found a belief in my own body and its ability to fulfill its nutritional needs. 

Before this class I had no idea that my body  had anything to say about my hunger. I believed it was all in my head.  I thought that surely, if I searched long enough I could find the diet that worked for me.  All the while everything I needed was within my reach and body. It's called Intuitive Eating. 

With IE I found I could free up the diet restrictions, remove the pressure of failed diets and let my body tell me what it needed.  What an amazing feeling!

Heather said…

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in becoming healthier from the inside out. It is a great course that opened my eyes to many of the things that led me to feel the way I feel about my body. It offers great insight and practical strategies on how to change our thinking which can change our behaviors leading us to a healthier, more free, way to live.

I appreciated the wealth of information that Anna provided and the non-judgmental time to process all of this. Lots of resources to use now and in the future.

One of the ways I have benefited from the course is that my eyes are much more open to the influence of diet culture on my thinking. It has allowed me to see how body image and culture have affected the way I feel about myself. It's helped me to understand and grow in my appreciation of my body and what it can do for me. It's helped me to realize that bodies can be healthy and not look the same.”

Natalie said…

I would wholeheartedly recommend this Intuitive Eating course to anyone struggling with body image issues and disordered eating. I've read the book on the Intuitive Eating principles but having someone breakdown the components and challenging me to implement them was so very helpful.

This course has been life changing for me. I was already practicing Intuitive Eating before I joined, but I needed more guidance and explanation with some of the principles. For me, I had many light bulb moments that helped explain why I struggled with disordered eating which lead to my body image issues. While I still have some work to do, I have been able to make peace with food and called a truce with my body.

My life is quieter around food and I feel more at peace with my choices. I don't obsess over everything I eat, nor do I exercise to burn off every calorie I eat. It has also helped to inoculate me from the constant barrage of messages we get from diet culture.

This course is more than about food. It's a therapy session that forces us to examine why we make the choices we make about what we eat. This can be difficult for some, but the growth from doing this course is well worth the payoff.”

Mary Anne said…

“Yes, I would recommend this Intuitive Eating course. Anna is very organized and a very good teacher. She is an excellent communicator, in part, because she breaks concepts down into easy to understand, digestible blocks (no pun intended). Anna also had a good handle on how to use the presentation component of Zoom, which made it easy for her to share the excellent slides she prepared for the class.

The class was a good balance between Anna teaching and group discussion. Our group melded well together early on, and I think everyone appreciated the other’s viewpoints. I most appreciated Anna’s compassionate nature, which she instilled into the culture of our class.

This course is an easy way to start or continue an informed food journey in a supportive and non-judgmental community with excellent support provided by Anna. It has helped me to start breaking out of the “diet” mentality and keeps me from beating myself up as much. It has helped me appreciate myself more and where I am on my eating journey, and made me more cognizant of what and why I eat.