About Me


Allow me to introduce myself. As a private-practice, holistic, non-diet Registered Dietitian I work with clients to address their habits and behaviors to positively impact health. I believe that health and wellness is about so much more than what we weigh and the calories in/calories out model. Stress, sleep, social connection, mental well-being, how and why we eat, and how we approach movement, etc. all have an undeniable impact on health and are pieces of the puzzle of overall wellness. I believe that working with clients to address these different areas of their lives can positively impact health.

The framework and principles of intuitive eating, as well as mindful eating and health at every size, guide my work in helping clients make sustainable and long-lasting changes in behaviors and habits instead of having the scale be the be all, end all determinant of health.

In our diet obsessed, weight-focused society we have come to rely on quick-fix solutions to our health issues that result in yo-yoing between being “on a diet” or “off a diet”.  Whether it is over-restricting calories to the point of being constantly hungry or blaming one food group or nutrient and attempting to eliminate it from our diet.  Eventually we get frustrated because we aren’t satisfied or the pounds aren’t coming off quickly enough and go right back to our old ways. I have heard countless stories of weight lost, but then regained due to some strict, unrealistic diet. Drastic diet and exercise plans are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to sustain long term, not because we lack willpower or discipline, but because our bodies and minds don’t like being deprived and so they fight against us.

I talk to clients all the time that are completely and utterly confused when it comes to what to eat. Our world is full of conflicting information when it comes to food and nutrition, making simple decisions a struggle. I have 20 years experience in health and wellness and truly am passionate about helping people develop a healthy relationship with food and their body. I love helping people learn easy, practical ideas for improving their health through a holistic non-diet approach to nutrition and wellness. Eating and food don’t have to be a struggle.