Happy Halloween



I made these and took them to my fourth grader’s class today for her Halloween party. Most of the kids gobbled them up. I can’t take credit for coming up with the idea, I found them on Pinterest, but they were fun to make.

These are great examples of relatively quick (the carrot jack-o-lantern took mere minutes, but the spiders took a little longer), easy, creative, fun ways to present healthier foods to our kids. Too often class parties are laden with sweets and junk with no healthier alternatives. I am all about everything in moderation, even the sweet stuff, but am a firm believer that we need to also have healthier choices represented at our kids’ gatherings too.

Kids tend to do what we do more than what we say. As parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. I think it is so important to not only tell our kids to eat healthier, but also model that in our own choices at home and in the classroom too.