Healthier Alternatives For This Year’s Trick-or-Treat

Halloween is right around the corner and candy is an inevitable part of the festivities. Here are some creative alternatives for this year’s trick-or-treats to make it more about the spooky fun and less about the sweet treats. I promise one less piece of candy won’t be missed.

❖Colorful pencil or pens
❖Glow in the dark light necklaces or bracelets
❖Fun sticker or removable tattoo
❖Small bouncy ball
❖Halloween ring or bracelet
❖Inexpensive jump rope
❖Tiny game

Or make individual baggies of this fun, crunchy and nutritious Halloween day treat from Supermarket Savvy Dietitian Linda McDonald.

Black Cat Trail Mix
2 cups Cheerios, plain
2 cups Pretzel minis, whole wheat
2 cups Teddy Graham’s
1 cup Dried apricots, cut up
½ cup Chocolate chips, mini size

1. Get out a big bowl.
2. Measure all ingredients into the bowl.
3. Stir everything up with a big spoon.
4. Package in snack-size baggies.