Hidden Treasure

Did you know Panera now has a new secret “Hidden Menu”? All you have to do is ask. Great news, considering that their regular menu makes it hard to make healthy choices – with calorie, fat, saturated fat & sodium levels that are out of sight!

Their hidden menu has six “Power” meals – meaning they have fewer calories, less processed carbs, and are “an excellent source of protein.” They are also free of salty, fatty ingredients like cheese, commercial salad dressing, and fried tortilla chips. For breakfast they have a Egg White Bowl with Roasted Turkey with baby spinach, roasted red pepper, an pesto! Yum! For lunch, some options include a Chicken Hummus Bowl, Mediterranean Chicken Salad, Mediterranean Roasted Turkey Salad, or Steak Lettuce Wraps – all with 280-360 calories and 22-35 grams of protein.

Next time you’re looking for a healthy bite out give this secret menu a try!