Weight Loss Contests

Every year as the New Year rolls around so inevitably does the initiation of the ever popular weight loss contest.  You know these.  Where people pitch in a dollar amount and whoever loses the most weight – no matter how unhealthy the method – gets the pot.

These drive me nuts!  They just perpetuate the yo-yo dieting mentality that so many of us struggle with already.  Yes, if you lose the most you win the money, but for most people who participate in these contests within a month or so the weight they lost is right back, possibly plus a few extra pounds.  I know these can be so tempting.

If you have decided to participate in one of these contests this year and have been successful at losing weight, avoid going back to your old ways.  Instead, make this a head start and a perfect opportunity to make some real changes in your exercise and eating habits to keep off what you’ve lost and get healthy.  Go for balance in your eating choices and consistency with exercise for the best results that will last a lifetime!