What People Are Saying

Testimonials from clients I have worked with: 

“Thanks to you and your knowledge so freely taught to me. Any words I can say aren’t enough to thank you for your sincere, genuine interest shown to me enabling me to lose weight, develop a positive reaction to negative habits (#backsliding), and feeling good about myself even when I don’t have good, balanced meals or exercise activities on a daily basis.  Even though this is your “job” you really care, enabling you to encourage and motivate people reaching out to you for assistance.  The knowledge that you bring to the table for people seeking nutritional guidance is a life-time change on a daily, continuing basis.  Your energy is contagious and reassuring as your clients stumble and make progress. Again, thank you as a “I feel I have a friend in you”….to quote an old school song.”          

– Cherryl


“First of all I just want to say thank you so much for helping me figure out a way to be healthy, happy and enjoy myself and not feel like my weight was always on my mind and bringing me down!  By meeting with you I was able to earn confidence in my eating habits, specifically finding the right balance of foods appropriate for my age, gender, metabolism, etc. I think the most helpful part of meeting was the helpful tips you provided wether it be about hunger/fullness, reading nutrition labels, or making a plan specific to me, you provided me with all the tools necessary to make the change.


I think something that was unique to me when meeting with you was how you tailor your plans to your clients. I was expecting to walk in and have someone say you need to eat at these times, this many meals a day and these foods, and boy was I wrong. You taught me how to listen to my body and to only fuel it when needed. I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone even considering making a lifestyle change, if you are ready to make the commitment you have the tools to help anyone!”      

– Kelly


“I want to thank you for helping me make long term changes in my life… not just diet, but in attitude and enthusiasm for all the possibilities yet to come. You are so right…I have come a long way baby…..I think about my accomplishments everyday and celebrate them. Two years ago you came into my life and little by little over time made me a changed woman. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!!!   I now eat a healthy breakfast everyday. Late late night 700 calorie snacks…GONE! I now get 8-9 hours of sleep every night. I move, move, move. I use to sit in front of the tv for 4-5 hours a day…now I watch less than 4 hours a week. I love spending time trying out new healthy recipes. I eat organically. I have definitely become more mindful about what I put into my mouth. I allow myself Pleasure days on occassion..ie Christmas when I spent one full day baking and candy making…gave 90% of my finished goods away as gifts, but allowed myself the pleasure of carrying on my mother’s family tradition.   I certainly am a work in progress but with your help I have come a long long way. And when I feel down I just reschedule with you and BAM you get my head back in the game…Thank You, Thank You…..I’m sure I will see you soon.”    

– Cathy


“I highly recommend Anna Jones to anyone wishing to make healthy dietary and lasting lifestyle changes.  I sought Anna’s professional help when my bloodwork showed marked elevations in cholesterol and glucose, and my efforts to lose weight were met with frustration and lack of success. Anna’s holistic approach incorporating nutritional guidelines, diet planning, behavior change strategies and exercise were a perfect recipe to help me overcome obstacles and achieve my goals.  I found Anna to be very knowledgeable, professional and encouraging.  Her handouts and website offer valuable information, helpful hints and empowering suggestions.  Even though I was fairly knowledgeable about diet and health (I work in the healthcare field), I found it extremely helpful to have a properly credentialed professional analyze my diet and offer concrete guidelines to effect the desired changes. Best of all, Anna is delightful to be with — so pleasant and conscientious!  I recommend her without reservation.”       

– Nikki


“I learned nutrition from my mother, a home economics major. Her advice was good but about 50 years out of date. Anna helped me update my knowledge and I was able to create nutritious meals outside the traditional meat and three standard. Mom’s advice was good but Anna’s advice was great. Her advice helped us create a very healthy eating plan that has significantly improved our lives. Thank you Anna Jones. You have added many healthy years to our lives.”     

– Jim


“I would highly recommend Anna to anyone who wants to make lasting changes for health. She is personable, easy to talk to, and really knows her stuff! I have been passionately interested in dieting and health for many years. There is so much conflicting information out there! It is so easy to get confused and spin your wheels. Anna helped me clarify my goals and make a plan with concrete steps for achieving them. It is really important to work with someone who has the right credentials to guide you. Even though I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, it has been extremely beneficial to have Anna coach me. It is one of the best things I have done for myself!”   

– Diane


“Anna did a GREAT job of finding out my needs by asking the right questions and then coming up with a customized plan tailored to those needs. We worked out attainable goals and put plans in place where I could succeed. Anna kept in constant touch with me by offering recipes, advice and words of encouragement. With her help and expertise, I have achieved my first set of goals and have started on my next set!”    

– Ken


“I really need to thank you, Anna.  As I said, I have a degree in biology but you really were a wealth of information and helped me focus on getting the right mix of carbs, proteins, and fats in my diet. Not only that, your emphasis on a holistic approach to include exercise and stress reduction in addition to the nutritional aspects of a healthy lifestyle has helped me create habits that will pay all kinds of long-term benefits.  I so appreciate the ongoing encouragement and  suggestions.”   

– Lynn


“My experience with Anna was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable. I am trying to lose weight but, I never felt as if I was not doing it “right”. She encouraged me and she is so knowledgeable.  I got loads of recipes and ideas and she is a pleasure to meet with!!”   

– Leigh