This Is Why I Do What I Do

I received an email from a client this weekend that is the perfect representation of what I hope for with my clients.  This is what she said…

“I want to thank you for helping me make long term changes in my life… not just diet, but in attitude and enthusiasm for all the possibilities yet to come. You are so right…I have come a long way baby…..I think about my accomplishments everyday and celebrate them. Two years ago you came into my life and little by little over time made me a changed woman. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!!!

I now eat a healthy breakfast everyday. Late late night 700 calorie snacks…GONE! I now get 8-9 hours of sleep every night. I move, move, move. I use to sit in front of the tv for 4-5 hours a day…now I watch less than 4 hours a week. I love spending time trying out new healthy recipes. I eat organically. I have definitely become more mindful about what I put into my mouth. I allow myself Pleasure days on Christmas when I spent one full day baking and candy making…gave 90% of my finished goods away as gifts, but allowed myself the pleasure of carrying on my mother’s family tradition.

I certainly am a work in progress but with your help I have come a long long way. And when I feel down I just reschedule with you and BAM you get my head back in the game…Thank You, Thank You…..I’m sure I will see you soon.”    Cathy

Notice that it wasn’t an overnight transformation. It took time and she continues to be “a work in progress” but she definitely has come such a long way and is healthier for it!! So awesome!