My Story

Growing up I struggled with my weight.  I have always loved food.  I grew up in a home with a Mom who prepared delicious home cooked meals and Grandmothers who were wonderful cooks.

My own struggle with my weight fueled a desire in me to be fit, strong, and healthy and is what ultimately steered me towards a career in health and nutrition.  I still love food, but have learned that moderation really is the key.  By eating healthy (most of the time) and being physically active I have been able to find balance and be healthier today than at any other time in my life.

It’s not just about me and my own personal health.  I am also a wife and mom. Like many others in the same role I am the decision-maker in regards to what goes in the pantry or fridge, and what ends up in the lunch box or on the dinner table. It’s not always perfect, but most of the time I am able to feed my family nutrient-dense, healthy foods. Hopefully, I am helping guide them, and others, towards a lifetime of balanced, healthy food choices and regular physical activity.